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Widow's Peak
If the love of your life is taken from you, your memories get you through. 

Widowed eight years, Lady Amye Barnard pours her heart into making her domain prosperous and her people happy. But when a handsome young man falls from her tree, what can a lady do except take him home, fix him up and fall in love?
If youʼre an assassin, you never think of love, unless youʼre disguised as the Queenʼs Troubadour.

When Alaine de la Vierre finds himself in the care of a beautiful older widow, for the first time in his life he wants to stay. Yet he knows if he stays, those who hunt him will find him and kill him. Can Laine risk everything for a chance at happiness or will he pass up the love of his life?

...entertains with an accurate rendering of the time period and a beautiful love story

Romantic Times Book Reviews on Widow's Peak

A Knight's Kiss


His mission could destroy his family...

In service to King Henry II, SIR JAMES DE BARNARD must discover if his mother's new husband is a traitor, but when Jamie rescues a beautiful woman en route, she holds secrets that will change his life forever and could circumvent his mission if he isn't careful. With that thought in mind, he must decide if loving Sela is worth losing his knighthood.


A dangerous plot could take her life...


SELA DE CRECY's loyalty belongs to Lady Amye, the woman who rescued her from a brothel. Yet, she finds herself falling in love with Jamie, the lady's son--a sensual and handsome knight who rescues her from danger. When she finds herself embroiled in intrigue and the stakes are life and death, she wonders if she and Jamie will find the traitor before he finds them.

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